Abbeville Alabama 1910

Abbeville Alabama 1910

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Story of William B. Robinson Sr my maternal great grandfather.

The Story of William B. Robinson Sr my maternal great grandfather. 

Nobody knows when he was born, where he came from, nor any members of his family.  This story of William B Robinson begins and ends with him.  William B Robinson Sr. appeared one hot day (smile),  I don't know if it was hot, but he did appear in the small town of Abbeville, Alabama one day also known as the City of Dogwoods for its groves of beautiful Dogwood trees.  

I'm not exactly sure how my great-grandparents met, I can only speculate that it probably happened at a church meeting, him being a traveling Methodist minister and all.  William Robinson and Fredonia Ward courted for a while and on July 16th 1904 in Union Springs Bullock County Alabama,  about 60-70 miles from her hometown my maternal great grandparents were married.  

It has been said that it was a May-December wedding, William was a great deal older than Fredonia, he was closer to Fredonia's mother Rebecca Teague Ward Culver's (Grandma Becky) age. I haven't been able to find anything on William except the marriage document from and a death index page in Florida.

Rebecca Teague Ward Culver  (Grandma Becky)

My grandmother Willie B Robinson, the oldest daughter of William and Fredonia would say that she never did know anything about her pappa.  You see, her mother passed away young, my grand mom was only 7 years old at the time of her mother's death with 3 younger siblings (Carrie Lee, William Jr and Blandon).  William would travel from place to place leaving them with aunts and other members of their mother's family to care for them, separating the siblings by leaving them at different family members homes because 4 children was a great deal harder to take care of than one.  My grandmom would say from time to time "A motherless child sees a hard time."  I didn't realize what she meant when I was younger, looking back now I understand. 

Willie B Robinson (McToy- McCloud) 1905 - 1990

 Grandmom had a hard life,  at the age of 13 William Sr gave permission for her to be married.   I believe he thought she would be well taken care of while he traveled. That was her first marriage to Claudie Guilford.  It was similar to the story of Mister and Celie from "The Color Purple" which should never have happened, but her aunts came and took her back with them just a few months later. (I'll blog about my grandmother's story at another time, but back to her father William Sr).

William B Robinson Sr did settle down in later years in Wildwood Sumter County Florida where he owned a store and 30 acres of land which my uncle's children now own part.  Acutally my great grandfather did divide the land between his four children, but I'm not exactly sure what happended to the land for 3 of them. William also married again while living in Florida to a woman named Sarah, to which I can find no documentation.     In 1929 he fell ill and my grandmother took care of him until he passed away.  After all of those years my grandmother never found out anything about him or his family history and so like I said the story begins and ends with him.   For now........

Update:  I found Information where it looks like his 2nd wife's name is Sarah Hankerson and William/W.B Robinson may have been born in 1872.  He and Sarah were married Jan 18, 1917 Manatee Co Fl, he was 45 and she was 29


  1. WoW! I feel like he might of met my folks. They are from Midway, Alabama and Union Springs. 13....Can't wait to hear more on this. I find that blogging to always brings up more questions. I have to make a call down to Alabama to ask my Aunt Velma. Keep it up and I'm hoping you'll find more info. I have my Grandpa Lewis in this situation.

    1. True, let me know what you find out, because I have alot of ancestors from Abbeville Alabama. Thanks for reading!!

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