Abbeville Alabama 1910

Abbeville Alabama 1910

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Laura Corbin Crippen and sons get arrested

Whenever the Crippen family had a gathering at my grandparents house I could feel the excitement, at ten years old walking up the front steps to my grandparents house ringing the bell, walking through the vestibule then through the second door entering their home.   Once you entered you could walk straight into the living room or  through a little small hallway between the living room and dining room.  I used to imagine it was a secret passage way. Herbert (grandpop) in his chair in the corner closest to the opening between the living and dining room and of course near the television and Marie (grandmom) in her chair in the corner nearest to the front window so she could look out, some cousins in the dining room playing pinochle and some in the kitchen making plates.

Pinochle in my grandparents dining room.  My brother dad and Uncle Fats

Ann Rhodes-McBride wife of Melvin McBride and Melvin's sister  Helen McBride their mother was Harriet Corbin-McBride first cousins to Laura, Carl, etc.  Helen sitting in  my grandfathers chair in the corner near the opening of the living room and dining room

We all have memories of our families some good, some bad, this one is more comical than anything.  These are the stories that bring our family history to life.  My grandpop Herbert , grandmom Marie and my grandfather's siblings were all so funny, always telling stories and jokes or busting someone's chops just to make you laugh.  We would gather all the time for Pinochle or Pokeno, drinks and laughter.... The Crippen/Corbin family was such a happy family, people would always want to come over to my grandparents house just to hang out, old and young alike. 
Laura in center of photo standing next to my dad with white shirt

Uncle Fats and Uncle Snags sitting on floor in lower left part of photo
Uncle Junior, my dads older brother

My grandpop and Ben Corbin (father was Levi Corbin brother of Harriet Corbin-McBride) need name of cousin next to Ben

 This story begins in the 1950-60s in West Philadelphia around the Fairmount area.  My grandfather's two brother affectionately called Uncle Fats  and Uncle Snags not sure if Uncle Snags used to run numbers but Uncle Fats did,  they were young still living at home at my great-grandmother Laura's house.   Uncle Fats and Uncle Snags were Laura's two youngest sons so when all of this was going on she was in her 70s' or 80's, she even started smoking in her 80's.   

Anyway,  the cops had raided the house a couple of times, but this one time in particular they came in and raided the place, people scattered everywhere like bugs.  The police tried to get Fats and Snags and  that was Laura's que to start  fighting the cops.  Laura wasn't going to let nobody mess with her sons, she was like a Lioness protecting her cubs.  Laura's daughter-in-law (my grandma Marie) said she learned her lesson, don't nobody mess with Laura's children.

 They were all taken out of the house and put into the patty wagon even Laura my great grandmother.    Laura and Snags were in the patty wagon but Somehow Fats broke out of the patty wagon, jumped over the fence and took off down the alley leaving his brother and mom still sitting in there.  Well when they arrived at  the station and Laura and her son Snags appeared in front of the Judge,   The cop told the judge that Laura had bit him in the midst of all of the chaos and the Judge asked  "Mam did you bite the officer?" and she said, "Your honor, No sir I didn't bite him, I don't even have any teeth" she showed the judge and all you could see was gums.  The judge let her go and my Uncle Snags.   The police never did catch up to my Uncle Fats.   That is my funny moment in Crippen history.


  1. The story and pictures so compliment each other, making the story come alive. Love the post!

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