Abbeville Alabama 1910

Abbeville Alabama 1910

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The McLeod ancestors of South Carolina are they speaking to me?

Or is it just wishful thinking???

I have been contemplating about who's next on the list of ancestors to write about and then they spoke to me or I think they did...I had my cup of coffee on the table next to me, settled into the chair with my daughters laptop.  I was just working on my research as usual, one name leading to the other in and and then Google.  The search lead to me googling the McLeod's from South Carolina as I have so many times before but this time it lead me to Low Country Africana website  I've been on this site before several times but never seemed to
find anything.  All roads before had led me to the McLeod Plantation in Clarendon County South Carolina, because that is where my family had lived. This time, I found something different.   I began to go down the list and I searched for Caldwell's, Singleton's and McCloud's/McLeod's since they are the family surnames from that area.  Well the Caldwell and Singleton links wouldn't come up for me, it kept saying error, but the McLeod link, well....let's just say it spoke, there it was, in black and white.   

Now mind you, this is not an actual ancestor that I know about, but he has the same name as my great grandfather and he lived less than an hour away from where they lived in South Carolina around the same when I started reading this it felt like I actually connected with an ancestor.  I showed my mom, because the McLeod/McCloud is her paternal line, she is a true McCloud.   She begins to tell me that my great great grandfather (Ross father of Jacob aka Jake, Jake father of James,  James father of Mary, my mom), had brothers and sisters that he didn't know what happened to them but knew that they were all in South Carolina somewhere.  There were other similarities..... Jake, the man in the interview states that his family left SC and migrated to Florida and that is what happened with my gggrandfather Ross McLeod and family they left SC and went to FL.  They talked about the witchcraft, my mother always said that family lore is that my ggrandfather Jacob/Jake may have practiced roots or been a seer or psychic (which I might talk about at another time) and people were afraid of him for some reason.  
Now it could be coincidence or he could be one of the lost relatives, I can't connect them to the McLeod line that I know, but I found this for a reason and I'm sure sooner or later I will find out why the ancestors called me and led me to this McLeod who just happened to have the same name and some similarities as my great grandfather.

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