Abbeville Alabama 1910

Abbeville Alabama 1910

Monday, February 10, 2014

PART ONE: The obituary collection that my mother has kept.

My mother since she was a little girl has always been the family historian.  She knows the family history on both sides of my family because she was only 13 when her and my dad started "courting" as she says it. 

 Everything that I learned about my family history has been from her or documents I have found and study and research.  A lot of older people don't really like to talk, but my mother loves too, she has what you call "the gift of gab".  She calls and keeps in contact with the older cousins and they just volunteer everything to her, but when I ask.....(I hear crickets. lol!!!)  I get my mom to make all the phone calls.  

 My mom realized along time ago that obituaries have tons of family history and important information, I only just realized that lately when I started doing the research and family history.   I feel like the torch is being passed because now I want to know and learn everything I can and how everyone is related in my family.   But anyway, I really just wanted to share these with you all in case you have some family here.

Side note: Some of the women's maiden names are not included on the cover of the obituary.