Abbeville Alabama 1910

Abbeville Alabama 1910

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Solomon Thompson's parents another generation found

 I haven't posted in a while because I haven't really had anything new or exciting to post, but today I am very excited!!!  

This is Solomon Thompson my 3x's great grandfather born about 1822 he lived in Jefferson County, West Virginia.  I say "born about" because there are some conflicting dates, but anyone that has worked on African american research knows that our information is a real struggle to find and to find it accurate is almost impossible.

If I had to guess I would guess in this photo that Solomon was in his 40's and that would be somewhere around the "reconstruction period"
Solomon we believe was enslaved on a Plantation in West Virginia, he lived to be about 81 years of age and to see and enjoy his and his family's freedom
My research on the Thompson Family has taken me back to another generation of grandparents my 4x's great grands!!!   

 So, if you follow my blog you all know the story of Jasper in the Civil War,  Jasper and Dolly's children and then Jasper's murder mystery and how Jim Surkamp helped me solve the family mystery of over 100 plus years, well now I have met someone new,  Sarah Brown,  who reached out to me because of one of my blogs where I mentioned Jim Surkamp and she led me to a whole new wealth of information.  I won't go into details at this time but they are very exciting and I will blog about it all at a later date so stay tuned!!!   Thank you so much Sarah Brown!!!!!   

So, back to the story of my Thompson family and the research which led me back.  I had slacked up on the search for a while, you know how you get frustrated because you hit a brick wall and you don't know where to go from there, but after Sarah contacted me she gave me leads and then Jim gave me leads, I started digging again and that took me to another generation of grandparents.

From the will of Bushrod Corbin Washinton

It mentions Thompson and Henry..we believe this is Solomon Thompson
because Solomon is on the document below with Henry again

Solomon is on here hired out to a family member last name Alexander

Solomon is right here under Henry 1854 inventory list

enlarged view of Solomon hired out

1854 inventory with Solomon listed.
If you notice below on Line# 41 the name Sol Thompson which is short for "Solomon" and if you read all the way across you will see "Sol's" parents names "Fortune and Haney"  I cant really understand his mothers name but I see that his dad's name is "Fortune" for sure and we know this is Solomon because his son that supplied the information his name is "Jasper". 

The second photo shows a death certificate for a Richard R Thompson and you will notice the name of the father is "Fortune Thompson" yaaaay this is Solomon's brother Richard.   Jim asked me did I know Matilda Thompson?   I knew the name because I had come across her in my research because she was living near my Thompson family in the census but I could not connect her until I noticed the name of the informant on Richard's death certificate "Mary Lee Johnson" and I noticed that Mary Lee Johnson was affiliated with Matilda Thompson and Matilda was the sister of!!!!    (I have to say that Richard definitely does have a sister Matilda, but it may not be the Matilda Thompson below, there is some conflict going on with some new information).  

My Matilda would be related to Johnson's...
1900 Richard is living with his sister Matilda Thompson, 
1910 he is living with his niece and nephew-in-law and their daughter Mary L Johnson, Matilda's daughter and son in-law and granddaughter and in 
1920 with great niece Mary Lee Johnson in Kabletown West Virginia but I don't know if this is the Matilda Thompson that was owned by slave owner BWH

The information I received on Matilda Thompson from Jim Surkamp: 

 BWH lived at Claymont, WV in 1850 and 1860.  BWH was about 45 in 1860,  Matilda was enslaved and lived at Claymont she had a child born  who died after six months in about 1856 she was listed as being owned by bwh in 1888 in his will bwh left the house prospect hill to "her daughter" Eliza on the condition that Ellen could live there also and a house was left to her brother Richard.

There's a lot more to the story but like I mentioned earlier I will tell all at a later date after collaborating with Sarah.

My family history comes alive to me when I can put a face to a name so this is the order in which I'm related to Fortune Thompson and I have put a face with the name, of course there are more descendants some are close family and others I am still searching for but for now this is my direct line..... today is a good day...  :-)

Me - Monique Crippen

(My dad) James Crippen

(My grandmom) Marie Preston-Crippen

(My great-grandmom) Frances Thompson-Preston

(My great great grandfather) Jasper Thompson

(My 3x's great-grandfather) Solomon Thompson

and (My 4x's great-grandfather) Fortune Thompson
photo not shown