Abbeville Alabama 1910

Abbeville Alabama 1910

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Journey through my Thompson Family History

I'm going to take you on a Journey through my Thompson Family History.

I'm starting out with Original Jasper Thompson(born about 1770)  because he is as far back as I can go with the Thompson's right now but as you will see from my family documents he is not as far back as I can go in the family.   You will notice in the handwritten account that I acutally have names of my direct descendants from Africa on my 4x's great grandmothers side Haney Richardson that married Fortune Thompson, Jasper's son. 
Side note:  I call him Orignial Jasper because there is more than one Jasper and also there is more than one Solomon.


Parents: James Crippen - Mary McCloud

Grandparents: Herbert Crippen  -Marie Preston
Great grandparents: William Preston - Frances Thompson

Great great grandparents: Jasper Thompson - Dolly Irving

Great great great grandparents: Solomon Thompson - Eliza Gray

4x's great grandparents: Fortune Thompson-  Haney Richardson
5x's great grandfather:  Jasper Thompson - unknown grandmother

my 4x's great grandmother: Haney Richardson's side goes back to africa 
5x's great grandparents: Boson Richardson - Hannah
6x's great grandparents: Furrow - Penny (direct descendants from Africa)
The other side of our family
My 3x's great grandmother: Eliza Gray's parents are
4x's great grandparents: Harry Gray and Fanny
5x's great grandparents: Mingo - Jenny/Janney 

(view visiual chart below - it starts from my Great great grandparents generation)

First let me tell you how I discovered this amazing documented  handwritten account of my family tree.  I have been researching my family for a while but just lately I connected with a  "Joyceann Gray".  We didn't know, but we were related by marriage,  during the course of our research we found 3 of her distant cousins married to my great aunt,  my great uncle and great grandmother(I was shocked about my great grandmother because this person was my ggrandmothers 3rd husband and I didn't even know she was married 3 times.)  One day I happened to mention that (Solomon H Thompson my great grandma Frances brother) has some family papers at the University and I had a quote from the University for quite some time but I hadn't ordered it yet, so she responded "Send me the email."  I sent her the email and she responded once again and said "I went on and ordered it I hope that was ok."  I was suprised and excited!!!   I didn't know what to expect and Joyceann was hoping to find something, as a researcher we want to check every source.  I never expected to find what was contained in the documents when they came back, my ENTIRE family history from the Thompson side was written out on just a few pieces of paper.   It looked like the pages were from a Family Bible.  My direct line of descendants were written out from one of my Great grand aunts or uncles who more than likely received the information straight from my Great great grandparents Jasper Thompson or Dolly Irvin. (My Great great grandfather Jasper Thompson husband of Dolly Irvin born 1847 was the last of the Thompson's on the Washington plantation)

The Original Jasper Thompson Born about 1770 freed in 1813 by the will of Elizabeth Ariss.  If you look at the document right below you will see
it says Fortune Thompson was on the Eric Estates, but I believe he meant the Ariss Estates something
was lost in translation probably with the accent but this all checks out.
This handwritten account is from the collection of My Great grand uncles Family papers they were donated by Solomon H Thompson Jr and his wife to a University.
According to this handwritten account from "one of my ancestors, our family were enslaved by the Washington family for several generations.  Jasper was freed from the Ariss Estates in 1813 document above  Fortune was born on the Claymont Court Plantation.   Solomon was born at Blakely right across from Claymont.  Jenny was Jane Charlotte Washington's slave.   Harry was a slave to someone named LT Davenport and was sold to Jeff Davis(I'm assuming Jefferson Davis) who ripped him from his family and traded him for a coachman and then later he was sent to Georgia where he died.

    (This is the site where I found the table of slaves from the Washington family) Please check out this site when you get a chance.

Notes and abbreviations:
Washington generation #1: Bushrod’s parents
JAW 1 = John Augustine Washington: father of Bushrod Washington; brother of George Washington
HBW = Hannah Bushrod Washington: wife of John Augustine Washington (I)

Washington generation #2: Bushrod’s generation
BW = Bushrod Washington
JABW = Julia Ann Blackburn Washington: wife of Bushrod Washington
WAW = William Augustine Washington: brother-in-law of Bushrod Washington; husband of Jane (Jenny) Washington, Bushrod’s sister

Washington generation #3: Bushrod’s nephews
JAW 2 = John Augustine Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Corbin and Hannah Lee Washington; inherited historic part of Mount Vernon
BCW = Bushrod Corbin Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Corbin and Hannah Lee Washington; younger brother of JAW 2
RHLW = Richard Henry Lee Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Corbin and Hannah Lee Washington; elder brother of JAW 2; died 1817
BWJ = Bushrod Washington “Junior”: actually Bushrod Washington’s nephew; son of Jane (Jenny) Washington and William Augustine Washington
GCW = George Corbin Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Jane (Jenny) Washington and William Augustine Washington
B&NH = Bushrod and Noblet Herbert: great-nephews of Bushrod Washington; sons of Bushrod’s deceased niece, Mary Lee Washington Herbert

* = remained at Mount Vernon after Bushrod Washington’s death and estate division

Fanny (wife of Harry Gray) my 4x's great grandmother , daughter  Eliza Gray my 3x's great grandmother (wife of Solomon Thompson)and Eliza's sisters my 3rd great grand aunts...

Son of Mingo and Jenny, he is my 4th great grand uncle

My 5 x's great grandparents Mingo and Jenny/Janney the parents of Fanny my 4x's great grandmother (Harry Gray's wife)
Harry and Fanny were the parents of Eliza Gray...Solomon Thompson's wife
Jenny was Jane Charlotte Washington's slave it says it in the handwritten account and in the book clip below

Below is a clip from Scott E Casper's "Sarah Johnson's Mt Vernon
It gave me a really quick glance of my 5x's great grandparents and grand aunts and uncles

Boson and Hannah my 5x's great grandparents..the child Hannah they called "Haney"(wife of Fortune Thompson)...not to get mixed
up with her sister Henrietta they call "Henny"

I know they called her Haney because her name is on her son' Solomon's death register Doc #1 Line 41 Sol Thompson Doc #2 line 41 parents "Fortune and Haney " and son Jasper Thompson gave the information.

Not sure if this is my 4x's great grandfather Harry Gray (husband of Fanny..father of Eliza Gray ...Solomon Thompsons wife) that was sold by Jeff Davis.

Solomon Thompson and Jasper Thompson still living next to Bushrod C Washington in the 1870 census.
Just a little detail on some of the historical figure names that you see 
John and Elizabeth Ariss Architect John Ariss (sometimes spelled Ayres) (1725–1799) were born in Westmoreland County, Virginia to a family long settled in the Old Dominion.[1][2] Two of his works have been classified as National Historic Landmarks. A rare surviving, documented example of his work is Traveller's Rest in Kearneysville, West Virginia, which he designed as a farmstead home for American Revolutionary War General Horatio Gates. He is also believed to have designed the Neo-Palladian estate Mount Airy, located in Richmond County, Virginia on Virginia's Northern Neck.

Jefferson F. Davis was an American soldier and politician, and was the President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, 1861 to 1865.

Jane Charlotte Washington (Blackburn)


Died  in Blakeley, Jefferson, Virginia

John Brown and the Raid on Harpers Ferry:  

On October 16, 1859, abolitionist John Brown and several followers seized the United States Armory and Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. The actions of Brown's men brought national attention to the emotional divisions concerning slavery.

I've accumulated so much information on my Thompson family.  All of the information tells me they were right smack dab in the middle of history and historical events that most people only read about.  Like Dolly Irving my Great great grandmother who was there to witness the hanging of John Brown after his Raid on Harpers Ferry, that story was passed down to us orally from Grandma Marie Crippen who received it first hand because she lived in West Virginia with Grandma Dolly.  The association with the Washington siblings that they had to see and work for everyday, Jefferson Davis who tore apart my 5x's ggrandfather from his family.  I never heard of some of the names in the family documents before now but in the course of my research found that some of those names were historical figures. 
In conclusion,  I have to say that with everything that was done to this family they were strong and perserved and some even went on to make history themselves.

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  1. woah! this is some amazing research work right here! i think you must have encountered a lot of obstacles in your way of completing this task! it has made me curious about my own famliy tree! some beautiful work right here!